Streaming live on Facebook beginning at 10:20am Sunday mornings.

July 19 update: 10:30am service is being conducted with distancing in place and families seated together.
No greeters, hand-shaking, hugging (so sorry!), coffee hour or prayer.
As of July 15, Governor Bullock has issued a directive for face coverings.

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Our mission at Light of the Valley is making connections!

Connecting… people to Jesus
Connecting… people to one another
Connecting… with people in our community

  • People need meaningful relationships if they want to live meaningful lives. The most significant, life-changing relationship any person can have is the one he or she has with God.
  • We at Light of the Valley are a family that actively connects with people and organizations in our community, serving them in numerous ways, especially through our Compassion Ministries.
  • If you want to connect with Jesus, connect with other followers of Christ, and connect with your community, then we invite you to become a part of our mission and vision at Light of the Valley!