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Missions is a high priority at Light of the Valley. We support a number of missionaries both worldwide and local in our efforts to fulfill the command of Mark 16:15 to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Here you will find updates we receive from those who are able to correspond safely.

You may contact our missions director at LOTVmissions@gmail.com




J & A


Urgent Prayer Request

Hello Friends,

We’re coming to you today with an urgent prayer need.  Our work in this part of the world can be volatile and having proper visas to allow our personnel to stay in country is an on-going challenge and prayer need.  The government here recently changed the guidelines for citizens from a certain South American country.  Where they could previously remain in country on a tourist visa, that is no longer the case.  A family on our leadership team is from this country. There are many uncertainties ahead.  The government here has already informed that country’s embassy that border patrol at all borders will refuse entry to that country’s citizens if they don’t have residency visas.  The wife and children of this family are currently in Spain.  They will be attempting to come back into the country as soon as possible.  Additionally, there is another family from this same country who were planning to move here in the next few weeks.  We need wisdom as we navigate these changes.  We don’t want to respond in fear, but do need to be wise and prepare for all possibilities, doing all we can.


  • For the wife and kids to be allowed entry back into the country and for a smooth border crossing.
  • For the husband as he is working on the necessary paperwork to get longterm residency and for favor through the process.
  • For another family from this same country who were planning to move here at the end of this month.
  • For divine wisdom and peace for all involved.  These kinds of changes can also bring anxiety and other challenges.



GO   GIVE   or  GET

in accordance with God’s will

  • GO – Make disciples of all nations. The mission field is all around you, day in and day out.
  • GIVE – If the Holy Spirit is calling you to give financially or of your time, then do it. He doesn’t need your money, but instead desires your obedience.
  • GET – Get on your knees and pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ. We may never know in our lifetimes how powerful our prayers really are.